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A Community-Based Natural Resources Volunteer Program

Composting - From VCE

Backyard Composting – An Overview from the Virginia Cooperative Extension

Ed Rishell, Master Gardener, Virginia Cooperative Extension What Is Composting? Composting, through manipulation and control, speeds up the natural decomposition ...
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Audubon - Allen's Hummingbird

Join the Great Backyard Bird Count!

From February 17 to February 20, you can be a citizen scientist simply by counting birds for 15 minutes. Join ...
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TACF Banner

TACF’s Pure American Program: Seedlings Available Soon!

From the American Chestnut Foundation January 2017 eSprout Newsletter. Interested in growing chestnuts? This unique program is an easy and ...
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Our Mission

Harveys Knob 2014
Harvey’s Knob Clean Up Day, August 2014

To develop a well-informed corps of volunteers to provide education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities for the Commonwealth of Virginia.


  • Natural resource service – To provide, promote and fulfill volunteer service while recognizing and utilizing sound natural resource management, enhancement and conservation practices in accordance with the sponsors’ and program’s mission.
  • Enhancement of public understanding through education and outreach – To enhance existing natural resources education and outreach activities by providing natural resources and interpretive training at the local level, thereby developing a supply of dedicated and informed volunteers.
  • Develop a volunteer network – To develop a Virginia Master Naturalist volunteer network that can be self-sufficient.


Volunteers water the new saplings in the field near the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Volunteers water the new saplings in the field near the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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A Community-Based Natural Resources Volunteer Program